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Guestbook Entry for The KUP family, United States

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The KUP family
United States

Dear Rajiv, Suman, Diane and Leila:

I wish to thank all of you for your excellent co-operation and help at all stages of our GC application.

On 7/20 we saw the online notice about the APPROVAL of our I-485 petition. We/you had filed an RFE on 7/16. Me and my family are very happy that the decision process was so quick, and all this would not have been possible without your valuable guidance.

At this stage I have two requests: 1) Most likely the approval notice will be received by your good office and we would like to have a copy of the same. Could you please email us upon receipt of the Approval, so we could forward you a fax number? 2) What is the next step after receipt of the I-485 Approval notice?

Once again many thanks to you and your excellent team for all the help all the way.

With best regards,
The KUPs.