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Guestbook Entry for Peter, Russia

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I’m really thankful to Mr. Rajiv Khanna for his help and advices! Not long ago a good friend of mine from Washington told me about Mr. Khanna as about the best immigration lawyer. And after the appointment with Mr. Khanna, I can say that my friend was absolutely right. Mr. Khanna is a real professional, who knows the answer to any question. More than that, he is very polite and hardworking person, who respects his customers. One more important thing, he is a realist, who considers and evaluates the chances first and doesn’t waste your money and time in vain. Though, my case is not finished yet, I feel that I haven’t made a mistake by deciding to work with Mr. Khanna and positively sure in successful ending of my case. I would like also to mark the professionalism of his team, his assistants Leslie and Angela were very pleasant to deal with. I wish you good health, success and Lord’s blessing!