Frequently Asked Questions - Artists, Musicians, Performers

Green Card for musicians
I have a Christian band, and we have 2 CDs out for sell already, one of our singers would like to know how to obtain a green card with our band, is this possible?

A green card through work is unlikely unless either he/she has a full-time job offer in her field or is nationally/internationally recognized.

Green Card for musicians
I am a mexican composer, Im finishing my career on film scoring and composition and I'm intersted to know about the green card for musicians.

Green cards in music would be available possibly for two categories of individuals: those who have a permanent job in USA in their field and those who are nationally or internationally famous.

EB-1 for a visual artist
I am a visual artist and have the master degree in art. I exhibited in several countries including US , Canada , Greece etc..33 Years old..Worked as an assistant professor in Germany duration 1 year. Can I apply for EB-1?

That by itself may not be enough. You need to have evidence of sustained national/international acclaim.

Australian Musician to perform in US
An Australian Musician that is wanting to come to US for a few weeks to travel and play at approx 15-20 venues across the US. I am willing to sponsor him via my DJ entertainment service, and he will be paid for the shows. He is a professional musician in his country, has been for 15 yrs. Which visa would be required in this case?

A "B" visa is appropriate if the artist will not be paid in USA, other than for travel and incidental expense.

Advise needed for replying visa
I am a traditional artist, visited US in 2005 with P3 visa and later I have visited with 10 years B-1/B-2 visa two more times. And on fourth time the immigration officer, deported me from NY airport, saying that you have not paid tax $6000- of my sold paintings in the US. and if you agree to volunteerily withdraw applicatition then we will allow you to come back with right working visa.And the problem is my wife is in US and has applied for asylum, so do you recommend me to reapply for working visa or wait untill my wife gets the green card and I am deported on may 2009.

If you withdrew your application, you were not deported. You could apply for a work visa.

Work visa for an artist
I am a visual artist. I recently finished my Masters in Fine Arts. I have a job offer to work as an art teacher for a non-profit organisation. I am offered only 1 hour per week job. What kind of work visa can I apply for?

I cannot think of any visa that could permit work for one hour a week.

B-1 visa for amateur singer
I am an amateur singer who has had an american label interested in carrying my CD's (this is my first CD, and I have never been paid for my music before). They intend on having me appear on shows on radio and tv nationally, and to do press, both by doing interviews and performing. Would I qualify to do interviews and perform for national tv shows under a B1 visa, since I am still an "amateur" singer? Or am I NOT an amateur just because a major label is carrying my CD?

In my view, a B-1 would be appropriate because you are not engaging in any employment that would take a job away from a US worker and you are not getting paid for your appearances.

Processing Times Involved in NIW
If I may verify the processing times involved in NIW. Since it falls under EB2 category, I am assuming it may be a long time before I can get my EAD card and be able to change employers. Also, I want to confirm if there could be issues if I change employers during the process - If so, I'd prefer to change my current employer before starting with it.

You can change employers any time if you are a self-applicant and will continue to work in your stated area of national interest.  But NIW priority date will take the same time as a normal EB-2 application does.  See: 

Green Card for Artists
How can a artist get a green card?

Basically two ways: through a job offer in your field OR through your own qualifications, but only if you are nationally or internationally famous.