Extension for Visitor Visa Denied Please Help

I applied extension for my mother, reason being she had a fracture 6 weeks before and was advised bed rest for 4 weeks. So I applied for extension and received I-797C in the mail (paid $300). Since I had requested 3 months ext, I rescheduled her departure date (luckily I bought 1 yr ticket, thx to my agent) and she left before 3 mos. I did not receive anything in the mail till then.Now, 3 days ago I got a letter from USCIS VT stating it is denied/abandoned as they did not receive any evidence supporting the app, file I-290B before Aug 23rd which has filing fee of $585!!! ouch. What can I do?

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Not much you can do at this point. Keep copies of all documents so you can show that the overstay was entirely inadvertent. You may also want to get a new visa stamp. If the consulate says a new stamp is not necessary, explain how she fell out of status. You can send this info to the consulate by email and see what they say.

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