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I wanted to more about diffrent options on my wife’s re-entry back into the USA. I contacted Mr. R. Khanna’s office in this regard. I had a conferance call with Mr. Khanna and his associate Ms. A. Baker. They both were very helpful and clear in explaining our options. Mr. Khanna gave me couple options and told me to try a more economical option before starting on longer and a somewhat expensive process. Very professional in their approach and helpful. My sincere thanks to Mr. Khanna, Ms. A Baker and Ms. Leslie H. I will be starting the process very soon with them and hope to have a smooth and fast one. Sandeep K
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Topics of Discussion: Reentry permit|| OPT STEM extension|| I-485 RFE and EAD Card|| F2A priority date and filing I-485|| Apply for COS to F-1 visa|| Convert to O1 visa and then to GC|| Passport Impounded in INDIA: H1B Visa status invalid?

Reentry Permit and N-470

Any lawful permanent resident (LPR) or a conditional resident (CR) must present an admission document like special immigrant visa (obtained at consulate abroad), green card or reentry permit upon entry to the U.S. after their temporary trip abroad. In the absence of such document he/she is considered inadmissible. If the LPR or CR seeks admission to the U.S. after more than one year since her departure from USA, the green card may not be sufficient to allow them back into the United States.

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Discussion Topics, Thursday 13 July 2017: 

FAQ: Evidence or documents created after the filing of a petition || H-4 EAD when an I-140 is revoked after 180 days || Can a green card be started on F-1 status? || New regulations, effect on layoff after I-140 approval || Reentry permit to preserve green card and extensions || I-94 given for a shorter duration at the airport than the petition approval date ||

Other: Deportation for crimes || Changing status after marriage in the USA || Revocation of I-140 after 180 days || Effect of minor violations on immigration status || Filing H-1 amendment, etc. || Removal of condition, Form I-751 || Multiple I-94 issued || Changing status when a change of status petition is pending || PERM - effect of variation in job description/requirements || Getting a copy of I-140 by filing FOIA with USCIS || Applying for change of status to H-1 || Calculating deadlines for RFE response falling on holidays || Changing status from H-1 to F-1, etc.

Rights and Obligations after Green Card

1. There is no such requirement that I am aware of at this point today (June 2017) that you have to notify any US government agency or Indian government just because you received your Green Card. However, what you should do is you should inform your employer that you have got your Green Card so they can update your Form I-9 which is an internal matter within the files of the employer. They don't have to update any government agencies.


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Discussion Topics, Thursday, 20 April 2017: 
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Other: Traveling during extension pending and H-1B visa stamping with 2 months left, CSPA issues, H-1B amendment for working from home, Green card through CP issues I-864, etc. H-1B and I-140 revoked, Reentry permit, Changing employers and H-1B visa stamping, H-1B visa stamping issues, Entry-exit process, etc.


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