Guestbook Entry for Arun Thapar, HR Manager, QSSI, United States

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Arun Thapar, HR Manager, QSSI
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

QSSI is an IT Consulting Company located in Gaithersburg, MD with a staff strength of 120+ . We have been working with Rajiv Khanna's office for close to four years. They are the best. Rajiv's staff is very knowledgeable, dedicated, prompt and professional. Rajiv is always willing to talk anyone who needs legal counsel for immigration. We are very impressed with their service, though it is tough to single out an individual, as we find all of them to be real professionals but would still want to single out the few: Rena, Anna, Mathew, Amrita, Suman, Hellen and of course Rajiv.