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Rupil Sant
Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States

I hired the services of Mr. Rajiv Khanna's law firm after a so-called big shot immigration attorney here in Dallas proved to me that his incompetence & sheer lack of knowledge came at an exorbitant price. Being a perfectionist by nature, I decided not to go in to the H1 process with that conman and chose to go with Mr Khanna's law firm instead after thorough research. Can easily say that it was one of those decisions for which u pat yourself on the back. The sheer promptness, professionalism and clockwork precision exhibited by Anna Baker, Rena Waddell & Charu Bhagat was exemplary. At the same time, they were very patient with my constant complex queries. I never felt a lack of warmth in my interaction with them, which is pretty uncommon otherwise, especially when it comes to law firms. The processing & paperwork was super-quick and the ball was always rolling. It was hardly any time after my case was filed that I got a call one morning informing me of my approval. And to think that I have never even seen or met any of these wonderful people. One word to describe these guys. Brilliant.