Immigrant Visa Interview - Medical Examination FAQs

1. Are children required to have chest x-rays or blood tests? 2. What if the applicant is mentally retarded or has a learning disability? 3. What is the legal basis for requesting medical information for visa applicants? 4. What should the applicant expect at the medical examination?

1. Chest X-ray and blood tests are not usually required for children under the age of fifteen.

2. Applicants with mental retardation or learning disabilities must present a report of their condition and any special educational or supervision requirements.

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USCIS Questions and Answers on Vaccination Requirements


These Questions and Answers provide basic information about the general vaccination requirements for immigrants (including individuals seeking adjustment of status), and specifically about the assessment made by the civil surgeon to determine whether an applicant meets the vaccination requirements. These Questions and Answers do not address the vaccination assessments conducted by panel physicians overseas.

For refugees only, health departments may be considered a civil surgeon for purposes of completing the vaccination record.

Immigration Law : 

Vaccination Requirements for Adjustment of Status for U.S. Permanent Residence: Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons

HHS released new technical instructions for civil surgeons regarding vaccination requirements for adjustment of status for U.S. Permanent Residents.

Immigration Law : 

Vaccinations for Immigration Purposes


US immigration benefits require that we present proof that the apllicants have been immunized against certain communicable diseases.  Exemptions/waivers are available for pregnant women and people who have moral/religious convictions that prohibit getting immunized.  The immunization checks are performed as a part of the medical examinations during the green card process.

Immigration Law : 
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