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Over the last few years, approvals of L-1B cases have become particularly difficult.  An L-1B (Intra-Company Transfer Visa) petitioner retained us after receiving a Request for Evidence from USCIS requiring additional proof that the beneficiary had specialized knowledge and that the job duties required an individual with unique knowledge of the petitioner’s complex technology.  We provided documentation to show that the beneficiary had skills that could not be obtained in the open market.  We were also able to show that, within the petitioner’s employee pool, the beneficiary was unique and

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Theo Borst
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United States
I want to thank Mr. Rajiv Khanna and his team for taking care for my L1B visa application during the summer of 2010. By now (dec 2010) this is all history and I have the visa in my passport. At the time, it was quite a stressfull period with much uncertaincy of the outcome. My Khanna and his team kept faith in a good result and steered the application through rough seas, until the final approval by USCIS. Thanks very much for the professionalism. Theo Borst

L-1B (Specialized Knowledge Intra-Company Transferee)

We were retained to assist with re-filing a complex L-1B petition. The case had various intricate issues regarding the beneficiary's eligibility for L-1B classification. One prominent issue was that the petitioner wanted the beneficiary to operate from the client site instead of the premises of the petitioner. The earlier petition, processed in-house by the employer, was denied by USCIS on the grounds that the petitioner failed to satisfy eligibility criteria for L-1B classification.

L-1B approved.
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